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They had to clean the river up because it was full Vanadium. I have brought this up to every Mayor and many aldermen for over thirty years and none have taken any action so again I wouldnt be worried about the city using Roundup in city parks when we have this large cancer causing park in the city.

Think about it, and ask your representatives about what they plan on doing about it.....

So if this is true, then us taxpayers should see NO TAXE INCREASE, and a TAX DECREASE EVERY YEAR for 5 years, but that might change, depending how much monies the aldermen want to give broad well, pauline, avery and the YMCA ( non for profit, taxpayers monies can not be used ) ! May 30-31/18 How Sweden became one of the most innovative countries on earth https:// 28-29/18 Ryan Zinke Looks To Reel Back Some Critics With 'Grand Pivot' To Conservation May 28-29/18 Prey & Obey Pray! Although it happened a few times in this video, this part was important. And here is one you taxpayers have not heard in a while, Budget and Tax Dept. Soon to be the youngest mayor in the US to also serve only one term.

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We still have three shifts (working HAHA) for the city yet Friday Kells the coke dealer wanted everyone to stay after and work get this cleaning up dog shit in the parks.

EVERY park has a dispenser of bags for people who walk their damn dogs to get a bag and a place to dispose of them. FUlton is getting their Taco Bell and ours is on hold for what???????? First Dunkin Donuts drove them out of town who's next?

Sucks to be you when your big old ass is stalked back.

Keep posting keep being honest about the drugs, the money, the sick shit they've done to everyone. It's your turn, it truly sucks when the tables turn. President we hear you like following ladies to the rest room and staring them down also hearing you may be doing some stalking.

How about getting some of the assholes speeding around town going 60-70 MPH up and down Bridge street and Utica Street on their phones, etc.

This city could be raking in tons of money from tickets they just turn a blind eye.Now on to the YMCA: going to attach the Armory to the old Y to use the pool (thought the building was condemned?) and Pauldine (surprise surprise) is going to make apartments of the rest of the building....there is still talk of Dunkin Donuts on the corner...The company put six inches of topsoil on it and gave it to the city.Everyone in the direct neighborhood has either died or has had some form of cancer.Thank you city hall for protecting your jobs, and forgetting what an TAXPAYER IS ! May 26/18 May 24-25/18 Re: Landmark lawsuit claims Monsanto hid cancer danger of weedkiller for decades The ball fileds at Fort Ontario where sprayed with "Roundup" in 2016.

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