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Turning on i Cloud syncing will require you to log into your account with your password, so if you prefer not to use the Apple TV remote control to do that, you can either use a Bluetooth keyboard, or even your i Phone or i Pad as an alternate remote.The first thing you will need to do is click the “Settings” tile from the Apple TV’s main menu screen.Apple has released an update for the i Photo for Mac app on Thursday, updating the software that’s on its death bed before Apple transitions users to the new Photos app.

Slideshows are perfect for accomplishing this, and there’s a few ways to initiate a slideshow using your Mac and Apple TV.

Whether you’re using Photos for Mac, or Apple’s older i Photo app, we’ll show you how to share your slideshows to the big screen.

Apple hasn’t given a specific launch date for the new Photos app that’s currently in beta testing for public and private testers.

However, the company has said it will be released at some point this spring.i Photo for Mac has long been Apple’s go-to tool for managing photos on the desktop, however its new Photos app brings more powerful features.

Plus, it lets you set up slideshows on your Apple TV, as opposed to requiring your Mac and the Photos app.

Overall, displaying your i Cloud Photo Stream or shared albums with your Apple TV is an easy and elegant way to add a nice touch to your personal space.This will work with all versions of the Apple TV, and it’s arguably the quickest way of displaying photos on an external display.First you’ll need to create an album of images you want to display: Using Photos: Once you’ve created an album of images, it’s time to enable Air Play mirroring and output your Mac’s display to your Apple TV.On the “Choose Photos” screen, click “i Cloud Photos”.Now, you can select your Photo Stream, which is basically everything you have synced to i Cloud, or you can choose something from the “Photo Sharing” category.On the “Settings” menu you will need to click “i Cloud”.

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